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1Anonymous2016/08/01(Mon) 23:49:56.59
i am gonna tell all truth abbout world and japan

2Anonymous2016/08/02(Tue) 00:29:58.48
in 1984 japan began making a computer kernel called TRON. Ken Sakamura from TODAI was the head engineer of project.Sakamura's main idea was to make a
hypernetwork that all computers calling and talking each other. Project was doing good until 1989.

In 1989 America told Japan to stop the TRON project.Japan refused to stop.And in December 1989 USA threated japan with an eartquake machine called HAARP.
First Japanese officals did not believe such a weapon does exist however it was all true. And japan stopped TRON and all TRON related project.And no one talked
about this event again until 94.

4 years later in December 1994 America come with a new idea(!!) called internet. They were connecting all computers together with routers.Japan got angry and
told "they will announce Internet is their idea and America stole it", whereupon America created 1995 Kobe earthquake and Tokyo sarin gas attack.And japan went all
silent once again because they were afraid america will hit Tokyo with a earthquake.

to be continue........

3Anonymous2016/08/02(Tue) 00:43:39.85
>>15 yes yes yes

4Anonymous2016/08/08(Mon) 11:52:06.56
Some time ago during my youngster years I didnft wanna go to school and so I submerged the thermometer in my tea. Unfortunately the tea had over 9000 degrees and the thermometer broke.
I didnft wanna get scolded so I threw it away behind the wardrobe (Itfs probably still there xD). Then my grandma entered the room and asked me if I had temperature.
I said that no I donft, and that I have already put the thermometer away, grendma. And so my grandma sat down and watched me as I eat my breakfast.
At some instance she asked me gAnd why arenft you drinking tea? Is it bad?h I replied that it is indeed somewhat weird.
And so grandmas came up to me, took the cup, tasted the tea, and thought that it tastes normal and said she will drink it herself.
And unfortunately so she did ;_; Shortly after that I had no grandma. She got bleeding in her digestive system and she stopped cycling.
The doctors said that some exceptionally large ulcer had busted. Up to today only I know the truth and I havenft told anyone about it.

5Anonymous2016/08/11(Thu) 01:19:27.15
Well that certainly changes my view on the world!

What a shame, but you realize of course that there is no possible
way that the thermometer had anything at all to do with her death.
Even if it were an old style mercury thermometer, it would have
shown up on the autopsy as heavy metal poisoning. Besides that,
thermometers are made to be shoved in places like mouths, assholes,
and other internal places. Putting it in tea would not disturb
anyone who drank the tea afterward.

6Anonymous2016/08/29(Mon) 08:55:49.20
..... story continues

After sarin gas attack America told Tokyo will be next station for HAARP. Japan
already had too many victims from Great Hanshin quake and officals decide to remain silent. After that
event no one talked about this issue.Whole world thinks internet is an Americn thing
however Japan is the owner of the real internet!!!

Q -- How HAARP works?
A -- we have 7 layers of air above us. This layers is not solid.their structures works like
plastics. Radio waves can stretches this plastic forms of air layers. HAARP is just a
radio wave maker. It sends radio waves to air. Air layers strecthes greatly. and then
HAARP is stopped. What happens when HAARP is stopped? The strecthed layer relaxes suddenly
and sends a powerful wave to the ground. and the ground, which absorbes the wave, Tilts!!!

Q -- Why Japan hasn't a HAARP?
A -- A HAARP by itself is useless. It still can create eartquakes, just on the location that it
has been set up.America has HAARP all over the world. They all connected with Internet
Thats why *ONLY* USA can create eartquakes everywhere. I dont know if japan ever tried to set up any
HAARP around the world.

Q -- Does Shinzo Abe knows anything?
A -- Yes he knows HAARP very well. actually he created Kumamoto eartquakes becuse he resisited
america's wishes.

Q -- I dont believe you. Give me some evidence
A -- This video explains everything very well( https://www .youtube .com/watch?v=lPIgROSM4gg ). Post it on your facebook. Then ask a friend of
your about what he/she thinks about the video. He/she can not reply to you because they can not see
the video. Only people who shares it can see it. They call it

7Anonymous2016/08/30(Tue) 23:18:07.73
which idiot deleted my writings from here

8Anonymous2016/09/21(Wed) 03:08:57.22
Of course Japan invented the internet, that is why there is so much child porn on it.

9Anonymous2016/09/21(Wed) 07:38:42.60

Q - Who is Martin Scorsese?
A - Martin Scorsese is a very high ranked Crypto-Jewish. You can understand it from his films. For
instance "The Last Temptation of the Crist link --> goo(.)gl/HNTyR9" As you can see from this youtube scene
Scorsese does not see Jesus as a Prophet. The film is longer than 2 hours, however you can't see Jesus while
he's showing a miracle. He just talks, runs and do some non-divine stuff for 2 hours but not even a
little miracle. Plus, Scorsese showed Jesus as a poor human-being who can not succeed on spreading the Christanity.
Its because Martin Scorsese does not believe in Jesus. But i convince you he believes in Moses very much. Do you
want some evidence? Scorsese has married five times, he stayed married 6 years with his first marriage who was a
Jewish woman. Now go to the that link --> goo(.)gl/Hnqnaf. This link is a neccessary for this discussion, if you have a brain.
In fact every person in that website is Jewish. They use this website to find themselves and to know if they are doing
good or bad.

10Anonymous2016/09/21(Wed) 07:39:31.30

Q - Who is Elon Musk?
A - Elon Musk is a very high-ranked Crypto-Jewish. Even higher than Scorsese. Actually elon has the highest rank in
judaism. Do you want evidence? Firstly, Elon is a very common Jewish name. It means oak tree in Hebrew. Elon's father's name is Erron,
another common jewish name. His brother's name is Kimbal, coincidently!! its another jewish name. And you can find
Elon Musk in jewornotjew .com which means he is a jewish. Whats more is Elon Musk did not found Tesla Motors. He stole
it ---> goo(.)gl/0QZccc.In reality. Tesla founded by two american men. Elon musk stole the company because he really loved
it. first he approach like an investor and bacame a shareholder in the company and hen he got the enough shares in the company,
he fired the real founders of the company. Plus, Elon has never married an has no sons.

Q - Who is Donald Trump?
A - Donald trump is a very high ranked crypo-jewish. Its at the same level with Martin Scorsese, and ofc, lower
than Elon Musk. His daughter ivanka trump is married with Jared Kushner who is a very conservative Jewish. They claim she converted
to Judaism to marry with him. However its not possible to convert judaism if you are not born into it. Jared Kushner or another conservative jew
never accept a converted one as a jewish. He is married with Ivanka because Ivanka is a jewish from birth, just
like her mother father. Donald Trump is a big player in the game however its a story for another time......

****** In chapter 4 i will answer your questions, if you have any. You can ask me here **********

11Anonymous2016/10/11(Tue) 09:04:27.63
>In 1989 America told Japan to stop the TRON project.Japan refused to stop.And in December 1989 USA threated japan with an eartquake machine called HAARP.

Do not mistake the JEWS for the Americans. America is run by JEWS, not the Americans themselves.
It was JEWS that decided what American government does since the mid to late 19th century all the way to the present day.
Its involvement in WW1 and 2, its participation in the Cold War, it was all steered by the JEWS.
They run America as if they are its absolute monarchs, as Henry Ford said. It was JEWS that threatened Japan.

12Anonymous2016/10/18(Tue) 21:28:24.09

in the very west of the world, there is a nation that eats innocent people's dreams. Their father kills for satan and their
children laughs with dead kid's blood on their hands. and they are all happy about that.

In the election day, First, they will say Trump(a crypto-jew) is taking the lead in the election
and Barrack Obama(another crypto-jew) will tell a few words on TV. And then, in 9-11, there will be a big terror attack in the US and Barrack Obama will make a coup on
USA government. After that day everyone will begin to say Obama made this terror attack and he is a crypto-muslim, in fact he is a crypto-jewish and this will be the beginning of the plan

Thats why barrack obama did made this speech -- goo(.)gl/XBE9Aa
Thats why obama drop his mic. -- goo(.)gl/MzZL9f
Thats why Trump tweeted about this -- goo(.)gl/uUcSZg
Thats why trump said he saw muslims cheering for 911 -- goo(.)gl/tjiVIs
and thats way Iran sanctions get ripped off in Obama's term

all of these are the little pieces of THE PLAN. but this plan will be last thing this killer nation ever will do.

13Anonymous2016/10/20(Thu) 08:25:12.97
It is very hard to make it in American politics without having Jewish connections sadly

14Anonymous2016/11/19(Sat) 17:05:23.17

15Anonymous2016/12/21(Wed) 07:33:34.12
i am deeply sorry for my wrong prediction about coup date. i thought they will make it on 9-11 again, but it looks like
illuminati has not courage as much as i expected from them. Obama's military coup will be happen. Its impossible to stop.
All things that i wrote is true. Internet belongs to Japan not USA and everyone will learn that.

I apologize again. I dont want to make a date prediction again(it could be 22-24 or later tho.), but as i said, sooner or later its going to happen

I am not gonna write this board again. I wish a great new year for all Japanese. Stay safe.


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Kamikozawa Kensuke Lelouch Lamperouge King Piccolo Lord Voldemort Big Brother Sauron

18Anonymous2017/02/16(Thu) 16:31:25.60
>Internet belongs to Japan not USA and everyone will learn that.
Can you explain this a little more if you're still around?
In the USA we are taught that the internet came from a combined effort between the military and CERN which is in Geneva - however the school system in the USA is already under jewish control.

The military coup already happened, it happened right under everyone's noses. Silent, near-bloodless coup just like the coup that occurred when LBJ took over after Kennedy was shot by cuban CIA assets.
Trump has appointed many CEOs(this can be both a good and bad thing though) and ex/current military to high-ranking government positions.

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Alt right is the nature of USA.