Why doesn't foreigner come here ??? [“]Ϊ‹ΦŽ~]©2ch.net

1Anonymous2015/05/22(Fri) 12:15:15.85
Embassy not to function.

400Anonymous2017/02/22(Wed) 12:37:25.60
what did >>399 means by this ?

401Anonymous2017/02/23(Thu) 00:25:59.20
What are some Japanese memes? I know plenty of memes from places like Finland, Poland, Brazil, etc, but none from Japan.
In exchange I'll show you a Russian meme.
„P„u„K„p-„†„u„z„ƒ, more commonly known in Western parts of the internet as either "Yoba" or "Comfy guy". It's a circular yellow face. He's used kind of like a general reaction image.
Here are some examples.

The text is meant to look like an Uzi.

402Anonymous2017/02/25(Sat) 13:51:02.27
oh,thank you it's ascii art,now i've got it
thank you

403Anonymous2017/02/25(Sat) 13:59:35.82
this character seems that i often see in 4chan

404Anonymous2017/02/25(Sat) 18:48:24.35
Hello, I'm from Colorado in the US. Colorado is the square in the west below the other square. It's famous for being less fat than the rest of the US and for the invention of the school shooting in 1999.
There isn't much to do here. I drink a lot and masturbate to hentai. Hello from Colorado!

405Anonymous2017/03/23(Thu) 10:54:08.42
You are wellcome!
Wellcome to Japanese HENTAI forum.

406Anonymous2017/03/28(Tue) 21:47:09.34
anybody hereH

407Anonymous2017/03/29(Wed) 02:58:03.74
there are people here, but everyone shitposts, we need to populate these boards more

408Anonymous2017/03/29(Wed) 04:21:03.10
Every Japanese forum is also a hentai forum

409Anonymous2017/03/29(Wed) 16:15:19.51
I did not expect to see Russian memes on the Japanese imageboard.

410Anonymous2017/03/31(Fri) 00:36:30.28
id doesnt matter, these are english boards only

411Anonymous2017/03/31(Fri) 14:07:49.99
These are shitposting boards only. No other posts allowed .

412Anonymous2017/03/31(Fri) 16:15:36.25
if want to be serious,you must go to 8chan

413Anonymous2017/04/04(Tue) 08:46:04.75
8channel would be useful
But sadly it is not available because of hackers

414Anonymous2017/04/15(Sat) 17:42:43.06
Hello from Australia!
I will trade a Kangaroo for some OPPAI!

415Anonymous2017/04/15(Sat) 19:10:25.22
But i give you beautiful OPPAI Cwe have to war to north korea
american and japanese will use very many OPPAI

by the way Cwhat@OPPAI is H

416Anonymous2017/04/17(Mon) 06:13:19.55
>415 i go to war with you, brother

417Anonymous2017/04/17(Mon) 12:50:43.05
I should get many OPPAI for you.

418Anonymous2017/04/22(Sat) 04:02:04.37

419Anonymous2017/04/24(Mon) 09:57:53.57

I don't meet anyone

420Anonymous2017/04/25(Tue) 01:36:59.82
Is it true that 2ch has blocked Korean IP?

421Anonymous2017/05/07(Sun) 17:30:08.67
I am foreigner man.

422Anonymous2017/05/18(Thu) 19:53:24.74
Why doesn't foreigner come here ???

Come for what?

423Anonymous2017/05/19(Fri) 21:44:11.39
Posting from a Korean IP address right now.

424Anonymous2017/05/24(Wed) 08:42:09.32
2ch blocked in Russia and we use 2ch.hk, but it's interesting to see what happening here.
I can tell abut Russian language or Russia little bit.

425Anonymous2017/05/30(Tue) 22:03:37.96
hk is not japanese2ch.
hk looks like 4chan or japanse 2chan which is called FUTABA
2ch is text only

426Anonymous2017/06/06(Tue) 02:00:41.50
he said
> I can tell abut Russian language or Russia little bit.
but, he never come back here.

427Anonymous2017/06/11(Sun) 23:20:24.22
anybody,Do you watch Downton Abbey H

428Anonymous2017/06/23(Fri) 05:28:11.73
Trying to post on other boards without success.

429Anonymous2017/07/01(Sat) 21:08:37.36
Have anybody bought nintendo swich H

430Anonymous2017/07/03(Mon) 19:07:57.32
I am new to 2channeru.

I speak Japanese, Russian and English. Will try to join in here if I can, but please be patient with a newbie!

431Anonymous2017/07/05(Wed) 12:54:09.03
please be patient that i have only japanese

432Anonymous2017/07/10(Mon) 01:10:30.40
I'm a foreigner (USA) and because I don't know any Japanese navigating the site is a little daunting.

433Anonymous2017/07/13(Thu) 12:16:37.95
Just dropped by to say hi upon noticing the title. lol

434Anonymous2017/07/14(Fri) 08:07:12.65

435Anonymous2017/08/04(Fri) 17:46:08.48
Hi from NYC o /
If anyone wants to practice English, learn swear words, or ask any questions about filthy gaijin culture with a pen pal, reply with an email address and I'll send you a message.

436Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 12:26:52.00

437Anonymous2017/08/05(Sat) 15:17:55.78
Ask any questions involving American English dialects! or any English questions! <---- studied in college

438Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 08:37:33.04
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439Anonymous2017/08/07(Mon) 23:31:42.28
who are you

Im japa

440Anonymous2017/08/08(Tue) 09:01:40.23
kokoga 4chan desuka

441Anonymous2017/08/13(Sun) 04:30:29.35
I'm Texan, American. I graduated with a masters in mathematics, but I hold a deep interest in linguistics as well. Might go back for that.

442Anonymous2017/08/29(Tue) 08:39:29.08
I want anime girl to crush my balls.

443Anonymous2017/08/30(Wed) 21:58:26.04
KOKO WA 2ch death

444Anonymous2017/08/31(Thu) 23:47:58.02
how come here is so slack

445Anonymous2017/09/03(Sun) 22:29:52.72
too bored

446Anonymous2017/09/04(Mon) 22:28:35.13

447Anonymous2017/09/13(Wed) 10:25:17.75
Greetings from Chile
Wena wena

448Anonymous2017/09/18(Mon) 11:38:45.88
In Asia, English premier league has dominant popularity. But Japan is different

Unwritten Rules: the difference between Japanese baseball and American baseball

449Anonymous2017/09/22(Fri) 19:16:29.01

450Anonymous2017/09/23(Sat) 09:57:11.39
do you guys have facebook accounts?