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1Anonymous2015/05/14(Thu) 22:33:32.91
Tina ore japs lollollol

2Anonymous2015/05/15(Fri) 01:17:31.98
Watashi mo jap.

3Anonymous2015/06/02(Tue) 01:15:31.04
Watashi wa samurai son

4Anonymous2015/06/07(Sun) 04:20:43.82
not guilty.by reason of woman.

5Anonymous2015/06/08(Mon) 22:07:33.58
fack korea
fack korea

6Anonymous2015/06/09(Tue) 18:09:23.25
I am jap XD

7Anonymous2015/06/10(Wed) 08:13:37.99
i don't normally come to this site but i'm canadian

8Anonymous2015/06/10(Wed) 08:14:29.82
i don't normally come to this site but i'm canadian, call me gaijin sama please. got this white dick up in your japanese wife's pussy

9Anonymous2015/06/10(Wed) 13:14:09.95
I like suntory dry👊

10Anonymous2015/06/10(Wed) 23:17:59.92
I like sushi

11Anonymous2015/06/11(Thu) 05:32:07.97
I love me

12Anonymous2015/06/11(Thu) 16:47:50.19
I like love live!
subarashii anime dakara minnna mitene nico nico nii^^

13Anonymous2015/06/12(Fri) 20:02:24.15
anime ha fujikofujio sika siran.
keiba nara senzen no uma demo sitteruze!

14Anonymous2015/06/19(Fri) 06:55:20.50

15Anonymous2015/06/27(Sat) 10:44:19.14

16Anonymous2015/06/29(Mon) 19:25:26.24
Rape of Vietnam

"Korea's SEXUAL SLAVERY so called
'comfort women' system of forced military prostitution by the
Government of Korea" was "considered
unprecedented in its cruelty" and was
"one of the largest cases of human
trafficking in the 20th century."

17Anonymous2015/07/01(Wed) 22:53:48.94
Fucking weeaboos

18Anonymous2015/07/07(Tue) 14:56:18.67
miso soup

19Anonymous2015/07/13(Mon) 20:54:42.85

20Anonymous2015/07/16(Thu) 19:25:17.49
Kets no chikarawo nuke YO

21Anonymous2015/07/24(Fri) 13:02:15.81
say 'no' to camps for japanese-Americans!
they deserve the rights of all citizens!

22Anonymous2015/07/24(Fri) 20:21:43.66
mata 2ch-er ga 4chan Ni kiteshimattanoka

23Anonymous2015/07/29(Wed) 16:16:24.95
Dareka watashi no oppai monde

24Anonymous2015/08/25(Tue) 18:53:44.57

25Anonymous2015/12/31(Thu) 14:15:15.31
You are nice guy.

26Anonymous2015/12/31(Thu) 21:28:06.50

u are nice gay!

27Anonymous2016/02/29(Mon) 06:14:43.07

28Anonymous2016/03/02(Wed) 17:16:36.41
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29Anonymous2016/03/03(Thu) 13:38:42.37
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30Anonymous2016/03/10(Thu) 02:27:00.38
sorry may park

31Anonymous2016/03/20(Sun) 23:23:56.72
fuck off

32Anonymous2016/07/20(Wed) 07:21:40.66

33Anonymous2016/07/29(Fri) 16:30:25.19
Hujiyama dekai.

34Anonymous2016/08/20(Sat) 00:40:46.00
It doesn't sense to me why you think that.
boku mo kimi mo gaijin dakara da.

35Anonymous2016/09/15(Thu) 13:55:10.33
Donald Trump?

36Anonymous2016/09/15(Thu) 13:58:36.42
Uwaa, Canada-kun, why are so lewd?

37Anonymous2016/09/17(Sat) 03:53:36.86
trump man

38Anonymous2017/01/16(Mon) 01:46:00.57

39Anonymous2017/01/17(Tue) 05:41:42.34