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1 名前:5ちゃんねる ★ 2018/01/03(水) 00:00:00.00 ID:LokiTech
5chブラウザ For Windows10 が新しくリリースされました!
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The Conspiracy thread [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2016/08/01(Mon) 23:49:56.59
i am gonna tell all truth abbout world and japan
28 名前:Anonymous 2017/10/21(Sat) 20:31:44.26

-> youtuber miranda(kanadajin3) is also a crypto-jew but she is playing a muslim lately

-> this guy ( http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-VAVKtFV_omroUqqrH7-aw ) from turkey is also jewish, married with a japanese woman and has a child

-> his wife has no idea whats happening

-> jewish people want to produce as many japanese-jewish hybrids as possible. Japanese people should be extremely suspicious about gaijins who tends to like them and who can not explain what they do for a living in japan

-> Someone who is half japanese (japanese-american, japanese-russian, etc) can not count as japanese
29 名前:Anonymous 2017/10/21(Sat) 20:43:38.12
-> jewish people lives with UBI -universal basic income, which means they get money even if they do not nothing

-> thats why most of youtubers are jewish(90%+). they can put money and time for a high quality video whenever they want

-> a jew's UBI money comes from countries' central banks (FED for america) or from multinational corporations (SHELL, UBS, APPLE, etc)

-> and these big corporations money comes form you, of course

-> someone in that situtation should try not to buy any goods or services from any non-japanese companies
30 名前:Anonymous 2017/10/22(Sun) 00:21:28.15
-> big S. Korean companies not only under control of jews but directly established by them

my proofs for this statement:

-> man with the one eye-> ( http://i.pinimg.com/originals/d4/92/66/d4926666a2114c4cc77b147e6ae7d74e.jpg ) is a very important concept for jews and this is LG's logo ->( http://1000logos.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/LG-Symbol.jpg )

-> for jews, "6" is the number of satan and and 6th thing of something(no matter what) always goes wrong. Thus they try to do nothing on the 6th day(saturday) of every week and call this concept as "Sabbath"

-> PHP, a computer language which developed in israel passed its 6th version and directly jumped from PHP5 to PHP7

-> and the S.Korean company which passed the 6 is ..... Samsung, as you know
Galaxy4 -> Galaxy5-> Galaxy7 (number 6 has been avoided)
31 名前:Anonymous 2017/11/12(Sun) 02:40:57.50
i am serching for M/orpheus.

i am the ONE / prophet or whatever you say. i finally realized we live in matrix and "Matrix" script has been changed by wachowskis. since then i've
been searching for my savior all over the internet. whatever your name is or wherever you are find me through this link =>

32 名前:Anonymous 2017/11/12(Sun) 02:46:08.20
i am searching for M/orpheus

i am the ONE/ prophet or whatever you say. i fially realized we live in matrix and "matrix" script has been changed by wachowskis. since then i've
been searching for my savior. whatever your name is or whoever you are find me through this link =>

33 名前:Anonymous 2017/11/13(Mon) 07:38:13.87
^ valid url link => http://medium.com/webberdepor/matrix-re-written-f5caa3c74d78
34 名前:Anonymous 2017/11/14(Tue) 05:48:31.26

all illuminati plans including obama take-over and WWIII has been postponed to first quarter of 2018

35 名前:Anonymous 2017/12/15(Fri) 05:40:32.23
--- an important note to men who deleted my firefox ---


--- an important note to men who deleted my firefox --- 👀
Rock54: Caution(BBR-MD5:0be15ced7fbdb9fdb4d0ce1929c1b82f)
36 名前:Anonymous 2018/01/12(Fri) 03:28:36.32
-- IMPORTANT (signal event)--

they decided to put a "signal-event" to define an exact date to begin their evil plan. The signal will be Pope Francis' death. whenever he will be death everyone will begin their "job" across the world.

dont forget!!! Barrack Obama is not a muslim. he is a crypto-jewish as well as Donald Trump.

-- IMPORTANT (signal event) --
37 名前:Anonymous 2018/04/28(Sat) 20:54:40.29
kusoko is tard

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What do you think about Japanese prime minister?

1 名前:Anonymous 2018/03/07(Wed) 01:19:54.74
Let's discuss our foolish leader!
2 名前:Anonymous 2018/03/07(Wed) 01:53:53.68
3 名前:Anonymous 2018/03/07(Wed) 01:54:19.64
4 名前:Anonymous 2018/03/07(Wed) 01:54:42.03
5 名前:Anonymous 2018/03/07(Wed) 01:55:09.38
6 名前:Anonymous 2018/03/24(Sat) 11:43:48.79
He's a competent man.
7 名前:Anonymous 2018/04/01(Sun) 05:08:18.44
8 名前:Anonymous 2018/04/28(Sat) 20:52:18.09

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KONOITAWA what to talk?

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/12/14(Thu) 01:50:17.02
2 名前:Anonymous 2018/02/27(Tue) 09:28:23.68

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Suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/10/08(Sun) 07:26:00.48
 I'm suffering from dirty strong supersonic attacks!! Supersonic terrorisms!!
 The supersonic attacker is also in Yamaguchi city.

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Forever SHINJIRO.KOIZUMI ! [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/05/16(Tue) 06:20:10.69
2 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/04(Sun) 14:01:06.19
3 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/13(Tue) 23:39:36.28
4 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/14(Wed) 01:58:39.44
5 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/16(Fri) 00:43:50.24
KitiGuy S.Koizumi.
6 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/16(Fri) 02:05:59.30
7 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/17(Sat) 05:42:15.64
8 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/18(Sun) 18:52:06.66
9 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/29(Thu) 21:22:08.96
my highschool mate. no matter what others say, I'm counting on ya!
10 名前:Anonymous 2017/08/07(Mon) 08:30:17.52
【Bit coin investment method to become billionaire】
Yobit site http://yobit.io/en/trade/MUU/BTC/?bonus=cjboI
How to http://satoshinakamoto.hatenablog.com/entry/2017/08/06/131826

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politics in nipponland [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/21(Tue) 02:46:14.73
Burger here,

What are politics like in Japan. I know vaguely about the conflicts over demilitarization and what not, but not more than what the US (((media))) says. Can you fill us in?
4 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 04:10:58.11
Epic maymay, my man. We should just transplant 4chan memes here and make this place a colony, tbqh.
5 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 04:32:17.34
6 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 16:13:01.62
>implying kikes didn't do 9/11
7 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/25(Sat) 02:34:15.68

I hear the Asian region is in escalating unrest because of both Koreas.
8 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/25(Sat) 14:44:04.97
>implying GWB wasn't a tool of the kikes
What are you even doing
9 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/01(Wed) 05:55:41.20
Oh boy, /pol/tards are going to fill this textboard with their retarded memes.
10 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/01(Wed) 08:42:00.10
defeat /pol/ in every theatre
11 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/26(Sun) 04:47:00.76
This is the new /pol/. Praise kek and praise gookchan.
12 名前:Anonymous 2017/04/15(Sat) 16:58:01.75
Let's also discuss Japan's bad neighbour, "Korea"!
Did you know? The talmud is a best-seller in korea.
Koreans see that jews have too much power, and so they seek to emulate them.
They read it because they think the secrets to jewish success come from it.
In reality the secrets to being a jewish asshole are in it.
It is a series of books on how to outsmart or cheat god.

Jewish academic and business success comes largely after 18th century.
So clearly the talmud is either not part of their success- or only a part of it.
My belief is the talmud is a precursor - it gave jews the culture.
But they were still mostly impoverished, living similar to the gypsies- the catalyst was education.

By the way, you will often see "Corea" as a joke (or actual buttmad Korean). Some Koreans got buttmad that Japan is before Korea in the dictionary (J before K). So they started wanting people to use a C instead.
13 名前:Anonymous 2017/06/21(Wed) 01:47:26.88

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Sorry to say.. [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/08(Wed) 01:47:19.79
Jews control the world.
8 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/19(Sun) 07:54:20.04
the goyim know shuddit down!
9 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/19(Sun) 10:58:46.30
10 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/19(Sun) 11:00:56.56
Make America great again
11 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/20(Mon) 12:24:20.48
>jews control the world
Not for long.
12 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/21(Tue) 03:48:09.40
/ /\
/ / /
/ / / _
/_/ / / /\
\ \ \ / / \
\ \ \/ / /\ \
_ \ \ \/ /\ \ \
/_/\ \_\ / \ \ \
\ \ \ / / \ \_\/
\ \ \/ / /\ \
\ \ \/ /\ \ \
\ \ / \ \ \
\_\/ / / /
/ / /
/_/ /
jews did 9/11
13 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/21(Tue) 06:36:19.93
I am very arigato that Trump-chan became president desu
14 名前:Anonymous 2017/05/06(Sat) 12:42:19.93
15 名前:Anonymous 2017/05/10(Wed) 23:02:55.55
trump is a zionist lol
16 名前:Anonymous 2017/05/15(Mon) 03:41:42.95
Oy vey, bad goy.
17 名前:Anonymous 2017/05/17(Wed) 05:22:38.31
Local and global coordinate system

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#3.11. Terrorism # Tabuse System # Fake Wars # [無断転載禁止]©5ch.net

1 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/29(Wed) 09:53:27.39
TABUSE SYSTEM is the biggest taboo in the world…

What is the TABUSE SYSTEM ? (TABUSE SYSTEM is famous in Japan.)

・All of wars are fake.
・All of religions are cabal tool.
・If I occupy the opponent ideas (or organizations), I can completely control all its matter.Therefore I should occupy all ideas and organizations with farce friction strategically.
・Only owning all central banks in the world and the right of controlling the gold price come to the world ruler.

3.11 and Fukushima were terrorism attacks by U.S.A , Israel , Korean, Zainichi(Korean in Japan),Tabuse Korean, Vatican(Not only ‘Peter Hans Kolvenbach’, it’s Vatican attack. ) and so on.
Our Japanese have evidence, and famous anti-3.11 terrorism journalist ( ‘Benjamin Fulford’ and ‘Richard Koshimizu’ and ‘Izumi’) are terrorist puppets. Zionist likes to occupy their opponent
idea strategically.

・All of wars are fake.
Russia and Saudi Arabia ink nuclear energy deal, exchange invites
Why does Russia Government have the strong-tie with former Japanese prime minister Hatoyama(Gnosticism Illuminati) as the most important Japanese? Hatoyama is famous that he links ‘Al-Qaeda’.

13 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/07(Tue) 22:33:08.16
Kamikozawa Kensuke Lelouch Lamperouge King Piccolo Lord Voldemort Big Brother Sauron
14 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/16(Thu) 15:31:04.69
So, this is what "shitposting: Nippon style" looks like.
15 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/18(Sat) 09:02:31.99
I doubt the Vatican is in charge of anything that happens in Japan. Otherwise Nagasaki would never have been nuked. The one to give order to nuke Nagasaki was a Freemason, Harry Truman.
16 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/18(Sat) 17:48:05.49
Maybe it's recent?
17 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/20(Mon) 02:32:43.15
jet fuel cant melt steel memes
18 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/21(Tue) 06:39:50.49
Do our slant-eyed sunrise-land friends have conspiracy circles of their own? Is there a Japanese version of /pol/ on the Jap interwebs?
19 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/18(Sat) 11:43:45.89
20 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/18(Sat) 11:51:10.13
21 名前:Anonymous 2017/04/15(Sat) 17:08:52.81

Well just like how on the English net there is cries of "Nazi", on the japanese net there are right wingers who get called "netouyo".
I think it's considered rude.

There are definitely boards where Japanese right-wingers are more common. They write about Japanese traitors.
22 名前:Anonymous 2017/04/20(Thu) 11:03:11.58
Is that NTR?

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