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【1:405】Why doesn't foreigner come here ??? [転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2015/05/22(Fri) 12:15:15.85
Embassy not to function.

396 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/18(Sat) 17:17:51.28
i think that moomin's story isn't difficult for children.
at first it seems like slapstick comedy , but in fact moomin is very philosophical story.

397 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/19(Sun) 02:47:53.51
>European Anime
Nobody in the west call western animation "anime", they just call them cartoons.
In the west, anime almost always refers to eastern animation, usually Japanese animation.

398 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/19(Sun) 04:36:04.84
Well the Moomin cartoon was animated in Japan and based on European source material and also made a big impact in Europe, mostly the northern countries, so "European anime" is not too far off the truth.
I suppose if you want to get technical about it it's actually fully anime.
When I was a child it was called a cartoon but then again as far as I understand it in japanese anime just means cartoon pretty much and the difference between cartoon and anime is a western thing.
It's all a big clusterfuck really.

399 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/21(Tue) 04:09:42.38
Burger reporting in from the US.


400 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 12:37:25.60
what did >>399 means by this ?

401 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/23(Thu) 00:25:59.20
What are some Japanese memes? I know plenty of memes from places like Finland, Poland, Brazil, etc, but none from Japan.
In exchange I'll show you a Russian meme.
ПеКа-фейс, more commonly known in Western parts of the internet as either "Yoba" or "Comfy guy". It's a circular yellow face. He's used kind of like a general reaction image.
Here are some examples.

The text is meant to look like an Uzi.

402 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/25(Sat) 13:51:02.27
oh,thank you it's ascii art,now i've got it
thank you

403 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/25(Sat) 13:59:35.82
this character seems that i often see in 4chan

404 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/25(Sat) 18:48:24.35
Hello, I'm from Colorado in the US. Colorado is the square in the west below the other square. It's famous for being less fat than the rest of the US and for the invention of the school shooting in 1999.
There isn't much to do here. I drink a lot and masturbate to hentai. Hello from Colorado!

405 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/23(Thu) 10:54:08.42
You are wellcome!
Wellcome to Japanese HENTAI forum.

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【3:3】Music Thread [無断転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/17(Fri) 04:08:33.76
I know there's a board for music, but it's not active at all.

Have any of you ever listened to Hella? They are a math rock duo. Their drummer Zach Hill is amazingly fast, and if I remember correctly he's in three or four bands currently.
Here is the same song, but played live.

What type of music do listen to? What bands are your favorite?

2 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/19(Sun) 09:30:40.86

3 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/22(Wed) 16:11:35.98

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【4:56】I'm going to improve my English skill in this thread [転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2015/01/26(Mon) 16:06:19.64
my TOEIC score is 360 now. XD

47 名前:Anonymous 2016/08/01(Mon) 09:51:38.20
at first, greeting in japanese.

48 名前:Anonymous 2016/09/04(Sun) 20:10:26.76
Yes, Right.

For example.

In the name of moon, I'll punish you.

"Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo"

49 名前:Anonymous 2016/10/18(Tue) 18:49:49.51

50 名前:Anonymous 2016/10/24(Mon) 06:50:55.44
at least i dont need to install 2ch reader to browse.

51 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/16(Thu) 02:00:16.08

52 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/20(Mon) 03:28:12.56
I've learned about 10 hiraganga in the last six months.
Is my learning too slow to master Japanese language within my lifetime?
I really want to read the manga.

53 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/20(Mon) 06:23:23.51
If it took you 6 months of full time studying to learn 10 hiragana then yes.

54 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/03(Fri) 19:20:11.73
I is happy to help you with your engrish and hiraganga, tomodachi-senpai-kun.

55 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/07(Tue) 01:33:44.22
>> 52

Oh for fuck's sake, Anon. You, not

me even trying. Here, let me spoonfeed you a hint.
1. Go to Youtube.
2. Look up that Vocaloid song "Iroha . Uta "
. 3. Memorize the Chorus It Goes Like This:
Ho-he Iroha
the paint dust
young Yotare Resona
Uino Okuyama
Kefukoe on
Asaki Yumemishi Shi
Wehimose be

Memorize how To write those 8 lines it in that order. Boom, you have a cheat sheet and you now know 2 extra kana. Yay you.

56 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/07(Tue) 01:37:27.63

...Okay that just got borked.

Don't follow that transliteration that the original poem somehow turned into. Just look up Iroha on Wikipedia.

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【5:4】tfw gaijin [無断転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/25(Sat) 21:24:40.68
I wish I knew Japanese so I could use the Japanese boards here :c

2 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/01(Wed) 22:22:00.40
Hello,I'm Japanese.

3 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/03(Fri) 05:03:02.53
these embassy boards are in english, btw you couldnt post on
jap boards anyway

4 名前:Anonymous 2017/03/03(Fri) 07:47:48.48
If I remember correctly you aren't able to post on Japanese boards unless you have a Japanese IP.
Granted, this is very easy to get around with a VPN.

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【6:42】Learn Esperanto in Linguistics Board! [転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2015/01/12(Mon) 14:40:13.71
Lernu Esperanton kaj igu amikoj!

33 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/16(Thu) 15:29:03.43

Mi ankaux uzas tiu forumon, estas utila por praktiki
Sed, mi scivolas kiom da japanoj scipovas paroli esperanton.

34 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/17(Fri) 02:16:18.98
>paroli ne-lingvon

35 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/19(Sun) 01:20:21.96
If everyone learns Espranto, the English:Japanese divide disappears!

36 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/20(Mon) 03:30:53.05
Cxu iu cxi-tie estas japanulo?

37 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/23(Thu) 16:11:12.70
Mi estas japanio.

38 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/26(Sun) 15:21:23.60
Cxu vi estas la tuto da japanio?

39 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/28(Tue) 07:15:00.47
Esperanto is the language of Communist ideologues. It is, and has always been, politically motivated.

40 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/28(Tue) 11:06:41.97
why did stalin ban esperanto if its communist?

41 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/28(Tue) 11:07:23.49
i'm currently trying to learn it

42 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/28(Tue) 15:21:59.43
Stalin did a lot of questionable things.
Stalin wasn't a bright man.

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【7:207】"Shiritori" in English [無断転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 転載ダメ©無能) 2016/02/28(Sun) 21:46:55.57
ex: shiritori-ice cream-mango-orange-eggplant
VIPQ2_EXTDAT: checked:default:1000:512:----: EXT was configured

198 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/07(Sat) 21:09:34.56
How to play?

199 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/09(Mon) 05:01:37.75
I suport >>196'idea that says x is death or end letter.
The Words ending in "X" are ban

200 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/11(Wed) 07:46:22.63
Do you guys get that "secret-time" and "end-diamond" aren't words?

201 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/11(Wed) 09:17:03.57
where is the rhyme?

202 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/11(Wed) 20:30:35.60
>The Words ending in "X" are ban
Why? There are plenty of nouns that begin and end in "X"
Here are some nouns ending in "X": Jukebox, boombox, box, fox, conflux and mailbox.
Here are some nouns beginning in "X": Xavier, xylophone, xylol, xerox, xenolith and xanax.

Granted, some of those are obscure words, but they're still words.

203 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/15(Sun) 12:38:13.86
So when do you think this shiritori ends or do you think it lasts forever?

204 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/15(Sun) 12:38:28.66

205 名前:Anonymous 2016/09/11(Sun) 22:40:34.99
The secret of Blue Print.

206 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/21(Tue) 03:37:11.89
Are there anons that browse 2ch? Pls teach me some japanese.

207 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 23:45:51.15
People who use 2ch usually don't write their handle.

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【8:25】Hello,need to learn japanese for a scholarship [転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2015/01/16(Fri) 08:45:25.90
can anyone please be my japanese language tutor?i can tutor in french,english,arabic in return
arigato gozaimasu

16 名前:Anonymous 2016/05/11(Wed) 07:43:58.93

17 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/18(Sat) 01:15:31.55 ?2BP(0)

I think sage is disabled on these boards.

18 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/18(Sat) 01:16:26.67 ?2BP(0)

Yep, it's disabled.

19 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/18(Sat) 03:20:19.43
Why is

20 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/18(Sat) 03:21:57.91
Why did most of my post disappear?
What I said was this:
Why is "下げ" written as "sage" in English? It's not pronounced even remotely the same way. "下げ" is more like "sah-gay"

21 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/18(Sat) 10:17:46.64
Short for sageru.

22 名前:Anonymous 2016/08/01(Mon) 10:10:35.08
this board is taken over by gay too ....

23 名前:Anonymous 2016/08/14(Sun) 06:28:58.52
Because it's not written

24 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/19(Sun) 05:46:52.26
I believe its because it's in roumaji.

25 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 23:40:07.06
Japanese roma-ji is spmetimes different from the pronunciation.

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【9:14】There's only one (1) textboard in Spanish [無断転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/24(Fri) 18:35:19.01
Step up your game spics

5 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/26(Sun) 19:10:44.12
American 2ch lurker working on my Japanese, used to enjoy browsing 4chan ( mostly /tg/ and /v/ ), but now it's just a hellhole of little kids and endless reposts of

6 名前:Anonymous 2016/06/26(Sun) 19:13:24.12
Heh, my first post here seemed to not have worked out so well.

...reposts of the same thing.

7 名前:Anonymous 2016/07/01(Fri) 13:11:14.64
Suddenly it went down in activity after you made this thread.
What did you do >>1?!

8 名前:Anonymous 2016/07/14(Thu) 01:28:36.99
>a website formerly famous for its freedom of speech
I always see this said, but the only people who seem to say this are
/pol/fags, i.e. reddit.

9 名前:Anonymous 2016/07/14(Thu) 04:25:10.07
I mostly went to /m/, /mu/ and /vr/, actually. I never liked /pol/, they always blamed everything on Jews. It used to be jokingly, then newfags rushed in and took it seriously.
Also, there are many things that /pol/ are, but I don't think reddit is one of them. /pol/ is absurdly right-wing while reddit is very left-wing.

10 名前:Anonymous 2016/08/01(Mon) 12:41:50.70
Seems like I missed when it used to have more activity. It's a shame.

11 名前:Anonymous 2017/01/29(Sun) 16:43:05.58
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12 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/17(Fri) 02:58:46.91

13 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/21(Tue) 04:12:04.51
Do not listen to this user. The jews actually did 9/11 and hitler did nothing wrong.

14 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 08:47:46.88
Hitler's legacy was the demonisation of nationalism for a century after his death. Fascism is ascribed to him instead of Mussolini. Now Europe is to suffer for his failure.

I damn the name Hitler. Bomber Harris should have left nothing of Germany intact.

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【10:45】test thread [転載禁止]©
1 名前:Anonymous 2015/03/19(Thu) 01:08:07.89

36 名前:Anonymous 2015/12/29(Tue) 17:49:38.24

37 名前:Anonymous 2016/01/01(Fri) 02:21:33.17
A Happy New Year!

38 名前:Anonymous 2016/01/09(Sat) 00:56:11.82
reply test

39 名前:Anonymous 2016/01/22(Fri) 08:32:06.06

40 名前:Anonymous 転載ダメ©段) 2016/02/06(Sat) 14:42:44.94

板復帰(NG!:Gather .dat file OK:NOT moving DAT 8 -> 8:Get subject.txt OK:Check subject.txt 8 -> 8:fukki NG!)load averages: 0.16, 0.23, 0.24
age Maybe not broken

41 名前:Anonymous 2016/03/07(Mon) 18:14:00.63

42 名前:Anonymous 2016/03/27(Sun) 14:24:51.39
Testing of

43 名前:Anonymous 2016/07/10(Sun) 19:47:47.94

44 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/16(Thu) 02:01:48.82

45 名前:Anonymous 2017/02/22(Wed) 00:02:26.38

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